Reflect My Day

Unmasking the Unknown Within


You feel that something’s not quite right but can’t put your finger on what’s causing this uneasiness. You’re possibly feeling lost, confused, or disconnected. You may have multiple emotions swirling around: sadness, frustration, apathy, or even a vague sense of discontentment. It’s like there’s a fog in your mind causing confusion and disrupting your sense of self.

  • Can you describe the physical and emotional sensations accompanying your feelings?

  • Are there particular moments or situations where these feelings become more intense?

  • When was the last time you felt content and at peace with yourself? What has changed since then?

You can start by tuning into your body and emotions, like a detective checking for clues. Next up, you think about those moments when these confusing feelings seem to amp up — this might point out the triggers. And then, you remember a time when things felt pretty good, seeing what’s changed since could provide some additional insights. Just imagine it as navigating your own personal treasure map, where ‘X’ marks what’s been causing the mystery discomfort.


  • Every emotion I experience is part of my journey.

  • I trust in my ability to navigate and understand the workings of my inner self.

  • I am open to understanding and embracing my feelings, even when they are complex and difficult.

Follow up

The process of uncovering what’s causing your emotional turbulence can feel like navigating a labyrinth. Starting by identifying how you physically and emotionally experience these unknown feelings can have a significant impact. Emotions often manifest physically, like a knot in your stomach, restlessness in your legs or simply your body “just knows” . Identifying these physical responses may offer clearer insights into your emotional state.

Examining moments when your feelings intensify can also provide important clues. Are there specific situations, places, or people that intensify these feelings for you? By identifying these specific triggers, you can begin to uncover the source of your discomfort.

Reflecting on the last time you felt truly content and at peace can give you a contrast, a point of reference to identify changes. Consider what was different then: your relationships, your surroundings, your work, or even your activities.

Affirmations can be powerful tools when journeying into self-discovery, providing a sense of reassurance and solidity amid the uncertainty. Remember, it’s perfectly okay not to have all the answers right away. Give yourself the patience and grace to discover what you’re feeling, step by step.